Random story about Drew and Peter. I went on missions with Drew, and the next fall met Peter at Cal, at I think this joint Stanford/Cal praise thing (which I’m mildly against, but anyway). Anyway, Tim Dal., who had also been on our team, was also there, and when he saw Peter he assumed it was Drew and was really physical with him, I think like putting him in a headlock and giving him a noogie.

Peter I think was bewildered by this random white guy he’s never seen coming up and giving him a noogie and was like, “Uh, I’m not Drew. I’m Peter.” And at first, Tim didn’t believe him. By the time he realized that it really wasn’t Drew, it was too awkward, it’s not like he can introduce himself after that. I dunno, good times.

The weird thing about twins to me is that when I know one, I automatically feel really comfortable with the other one even if I barely know them. Like, I think I was fairly chummy with Peter in the few times we’ve interacted even though we essentially have no relationship. And me being chummy with Jer the first time I met him is a semi-famous story. Something about familiar appearance puts me at ease. Actually, an even stranger thing is, when I meet someone that even vaguely looks like someone else I know, I’m automatically more comfortable with them also, which is very odd.

Anyway, can you guess which high school is most represented on jack.html? It’s not even close: Whitney (“School Of Dreams”) in Cerritos, with 6 people (Jieun, Carey, Susan, Jibin, John, Connie). Tied for second with 3 people each is Memorial in Houston (Becky, Martha, Jimmy) and Lynbrook in San Jose (Esther, Dave Lee, Kevbo). No one cares.

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