One thing I like about Survivor is that there’s a slow process of evolution going on. Every new cast learns from the mistakes of previous shows, so the strategies people use slowly change. It’s really interesting to see what/how people have learned from previous seasons, and how they try to use that when they’re on the show. The learning process, how they adapt, how the game changes, it’s fascinating to me.

What I love about this season is it’s like evolution squared. Not only are people adjusting their play based on previous seasons, they’re also adjusting their play based on their own experience in the past. And lots of people are playing differently. Like Richard, the first alliance maker, is now being totally aloof. Jerri, girl who wouldn’t shut up, is now trying to stay under the radar. Rupert is trying to not be so visible. It’s interesting.

Or not.

I have no idea why I’m on this adaptation is the key to life thing but whatever.

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