It makes me sad that all my friends can’t all be friends with each other. I wish they could. I think other people are like that too, like Minho was big on me meeting his groomsmen from LA. I dunno, I think my friends are all quality people, and one would like to think that quality people can all be friends. But it just doesn’t work that way. 2 people can both be good, quality individuals and nevertheless just not click. No conflict or anything, just no connection. It’s not like this is a shock or anything, it’s just how life is, no big whoop. But it still makes me a little bit sad.

SN. There was a time in my life when I said how I believed that any two people, as long as they were sincere Christians, could have a happy marriage. I now think that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever written. It’s still always possible, I suppose, just not always probable. I dunno, I’ve just come to believe that two sincere, Bible-believing Christians can still have significant marital problems. Nothing the power of God can’t overcome, but a good match makes things a lot easier. I dunno, so many things in life comes down to God’s grace. Makes me really grateful for Jieun.

SSN. Do girls just not care about looks at all? I’m not just talking about Jieun and me. Like, what the heck is Beyonce doing with Jay-Z? I mean, honestly.

Anyway, it’s kind of hard to gauge a person’s character quickly, but I have a few indicators. One big one is how a person treats total dorks. People who treat dorks well, that’s a sign of quality to me. Especially if the people are cool. Like Keith, come on, he’s a cool guy. Shops at A|X and f.c.u.k., has the metrosexual look going, he’s cool. But he’s tight with nerds. Quality.

There are flaws with this, the biggest one being, I’m a dork, so in some sense what I’m really measuring is how well people treat me, which is biased. But still, I think it’s a handy rule of thumb. Just in general, how people treat the least cool people, a decent measure of character.

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