I loved Nicci’s last post. Nothing’s more entertaining than rage. Anyway, I’m totally with her – “blessing” is a noun, let’s keep it that way. I’m against the use of noun only forms as verbs or adjectives. It’s like sewing two different types of cloth together. Just say no.

I’m personally against the SoCal use of “the” with freeways also. *The* 101. *The* 405. Just say take 101 North to 92 East. People understand what you’re saying. You don’t need random “the”s all over the place. Do SoCal people do that with road names also? Turn left at the Santa Monica Blvd? Turn left at the Malvern Ave.? Turn right at the 5th street? Would you say turn right at the El Camino Real? Isn’t that redundant?

The weird thing about Houston is that everyone just uses the name only. So my parents write as their address ***** Boheme, Houston, TX. No drive, street, or whatever it is. Just Boheme. Everyone does that. But we still don’t say turn left on the Boheme. It’s just turn left on Boheme. As it should be.

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