I think I’ve mentioned several times how I like the people at church. One of the big things is, everyone is chill. I’m a fairly laid-back guy I think, so I jive with that a lot.

But I dunno, I’m starting to think that’s not necessarily a good thing, maybe even detrimental. The lack of non-chill people I mean. I was just talking to someone and yeah, I think everyone being chill kind of contributes to a lack of passion. We could probably use some more type-A personalities. Maybe I’m wrong. I dunno, just things I’m thinking about.

But yeah, being chill is OK, but it’s definitely not the most important thing in the world. I don’t think it’s particularly emphasized in Scripture. And it’s nice to have chill friends but it’s probably better to have friends who are willing to get on your case every once in a while. Not too much, but yeah, a bit. Makes you a better person.

This post makes no sense at all, but whatever.

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