I wish I knew for sure who disliked me, like an exhaustive list. I dunno, I think knowing that could sometimes beneficial. I find it interesting when people talk about the people they don’t like and they don’t seem to realize that other people don’t like them. It’s an interesting disconnect.

Not that I care if everyone likes me. I heard a quote once that kinda influenced me a lot. But it basically said, you shouldn’t seek that all people like you. Rather, you should seek that good people like you. Bad people, whatever, their opinion is irrelevant. It’s nice if they respect you, but as far as like or dislike goes, it’s not that important.

I jive with that a lot. I think the quality of the people that like you says way more about your character than how many people like you. So yeah, I kinda worry whether good people dislike me. I dunno.

There are people like Marshall who “dislike” me because my alma mater’s basketball team is the highest ranked undefeated team in the nation, while his is mired in the middle of the Pac-10, a bubble team for the tournament at best. But that’s just jealousy, not true dislike.

Speaking of which, that was a GREAT game on Saturday. I watched with a handful of assorted Stanford alumni, one of which was around during the Todd Lichti era, and it was great, we were jumping around at the end, it was reminiscent of the Elite Eight Rhode Island game in ’98. Although, I hate to pull an old fogey thing, but I don’t think anything will ever match up to that game. I remember at senior retreat we wrote about our top college experiences and I think every Stanford male mentioned that game. The best basketball experience of my life.

But yeah, what an awesome finish. That and the Casey Jacobsen shot to beat Duke are the runner up best endings to the RI game. Go Cardinal.

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