50 First Dates: 1.5 stars. Maybe 1 star. A below average movie. And yet, I still cried. Twice. I’m serious, I’ve got some sort of medical malady or something, there’s just no excuse for that.

We were talking about what it is in movies that make me cry. I think part of it is, when there’s a character that’s so in love that they’re pushed to go beyond what they normally would, or to do something that’s difficult or something like that, I dunno, that gets me. I’m not sure why.

But that’s not completely it. Like, I cried at the end of School of Rock, and there’s no love there at all. I also cried once in Shawshank, maybe the 3rd time I saw it, during the beer on the roof scene. No love there either.

Maybe what it is is just passion. I’m moved when I see people acting out of passion in a way that impacts others. That last part is key, I think. Someone’s in love, whatever, big whoop. Someone’s so in love that they do something powerful for something else, that moves me. I think School of Rock moved me because this thing he was so passionate about changed other people. I dunno, still figuring out what it is, because it’s fairly annoying.

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