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It’s nice being with someone you can laugh with. I nearly died laughing yesterday. I honestly had difficulty breathing.

A weird thing about marriage. At least mine. But it’s fairly important to be intentional about spending quality time together. Some older couples at church have regular date nights, and they advised us to do the same. At first I thought that was odd advice. Just, it makes sense for them, they’ve got kids they need to escape, stuff like that, but we’re kid-free. We spend most of our nights together. We end up eating out a couple times a week. So we’re always having date nights, I thought. Strange advice.

I think I’m understanding it a little better now. I dunno, it’s weird. When we were dating / engaged, we weren’t always by default around each other, so our time together was… I dunno what word to use… almost like desperate. Desperate to maximize the quality of the time. So I just assumed when we got married it would be more of the same. Automatic quality time.

But it’s not. If we’re not intentional about spending quality time together, it’s just really easy to end up coexisting. We’re spending time together, but it’s not necessarily quality time. I dunno, that’s how I feel at least, and that’s unexpected.

Is that true of all things? That the more you have of it, the more intentional you have to be to make it good? I dunno.

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