Interesting. I prefer ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab to switch between tabs in Firefox because it resembles alt-tab and alt-shift-tab to switch between apps in Windows. Anyway.

Pastor told a great story in his sermon Sunday. I probably won’t do justice to it but the gist is, there’s a missionary in some country and he has this car that won’t start unless it gets pushed first. It needs a running start. The missionary’s solution: he either parks on a decline or leaves the car running. Ingenious, effective.

Eventually, the time comes for him to leave and a new missionary comes. Explaining the car he’s about to inherit, the old missionary notes how the car has problems starting and he shares his clever method of dealing with it. While he’s still talking, the new missionary looks under the hood, and tells the other what he finds: the problem is a loose cable. He tightens it up and to the other man’s astonishment, the car then starts perfectly.

The point is, and actually, maybe I’m misrepresenting the point, but sometimes you get used to living without that you start to take it for granted. In particular, you can get used to living without God’s power, and you take it for granted.

That resonated with me. I dunno, I think I’ve been at that point, accustomed to living without God’s power, and various influences in my life have been shaking me from that recently. Sometime during college I think I became overly wary of spiritual things. Like when someone talks about hearing from God, I was more critical and skeptical than anything else. Problem is, as a practical result, I think I despaired of really hearing from God myself.

I dunno, I think that’s wrong. Just, Biblically the *expectation* is that we hear from God. It’s something every believer is supposed to experience. Anyway, I started going through My Utmost For His Highest a couple weeks ago and the entries were all about hearing God, listening to God. I dunno, I think that’s what God’s calling me to, to listen to Him more. Anyway.

Anyone interested in reading Purpose Driven Life? I think Jieun and I are gonna go through it, and it says it’s good to do it with other people. If anyone wants.

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