Question about queer eye for the straight guy. Are gays bothered that it’s stereotypical? There’s a camp out there that’s against stereotypes period, even if they’re positive ones, the idea being that all stereotypes pigeonhole people and are therefore wrong. So some people don’t like Asians being called like a model minority or whatever, that they’re industrious, etc. It’s a positive thing to say, but still a pigeonholing stereotype, so they don’t like it.

I think some people don’t like Jackie Chan and Jet Li for similar reasons. Yeah, they’re a positive Asian image, yeah, they’re heroes, but they play into the Kung-Fu stereotype and some don’t like that.

Does that apply to Queer Eye? The implicit assumption is that gay men are on the whole more fashionable and whatever than straight men. And that seems kinda stereotypical. There must be some gay slobs out there, right? Gays who are just clueless about fashion and culture. Doesn’t the show just play into a stereotype? Does that bother anyone? Or are they all happy that it presents a positive image?

As for me, I dunno, don’t be too mad or anything, but I’m not as bothered by stereotypes as other people. Asians are, in general, nerdy. Sorry. White men can’t, in general, jump. And I dunno, all the gay men I know are in fact more fashionable than straight men.

Except for Gus. Random slam.

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