Interesting. I just voted for the first time with touch screens. I don’t trust it at all. There’s no paper record or anything. When you’re done it just says “Vote Recorded”. I dunno, just seems a little sketchy. I just hope to heck the machines aren’t based on Windows. Sorry Simon.

Did I ever say I didn’t like Don Moen? If I did I take it back – I love him. Besides that version of Shout To The Lord, one of the most passionless songs ever recorded. He was a huge influence on me growing up, and I can faithfully duplicate a lot of his playing. Especially the way he does I Want To Be Where You Are –> Here We Are (my favorite cheesy medley) and God Will Make A Way. I think Henry’s mentioned the way I played the latter song, in particular a CMaj7/D chord on “He will make a *way* for me”. But I can’t take credit for that – I cribbed that from Don Moen.

He does something interesting on I Want To Be Where You Are also. There’s a G2/B chord that comes after the first and third lines of the verses. It’s the same progression. But after the first line, he plays it on the beat, whereas after the third, he comes in half a beat early. It’s a subtle thing, but cool. I played it like that at Charles’ wedding.

I’ve been seriously tempted to do an all cheese set sometime at church but I think our pastors would go into conniptions. They’re not big fans of the cheese.

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