I was watching this Korean movie last night and I’m sorry, but I just don’t get that weirdo kind of Korean singing. Dunno if you know what I’m talking about, it’s like acapella with a drum and some person walking around and singing with a fan, but it sounds like a cow giving birth. Jieun says it’s like a precursor to rap, but whatever, it’s just painful to hear. There was this one Christmas service where this woman did a Christmas hymn in this style and I thought it was joke to start a skit and I laughed out loud. Whoops.

Anyway, you know the most disturbing part of the Passion movie to me. The trailers. I guess the theaters assumed that since it’s a movie about Jesus it’s a family film, so all the trailers were for kids movies, cartoons, Garfield the Movie, stuff like that. I was deeply disturbed. First of all, that they’d be so naive about what the movie is like. It’s a highly violent R-rated movie. Ebert has argued it should be NC-17. At any rate, not a film for kids. Worst of all, I dunno, watching trailers like that doesn’t exactly put you in the mood to meditate on Jesus’ sacrifice. It really bothered me.

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