My last post makes me sound so arrogant it pisses myself off. I hate me.

People get down on Californians all the time about not knowing geography. But honestly, most people don’t know the geographies of places not close to them. Like, if you’ve not spent time in Texas, do you have any idea how truly huge the state is? How far Houston is from Dallas? How far El Paso is from everything? And tons of people I’ve met who’ve never been to California think San Francisco is right next to Los Angeles.

Anyway, when you live in the middle of a big state it’s easier to be state centric, I think. When we were young, my sister and I once went to Ohio to visit our uncle, and we ended up driving from Ohio to South Carolina for a family reunion. I remember being shocked at how quickly we could pass through an entire state. Up to that point, I had only driven to Oregon, and just getting one state over took forever.


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