Jieun’s been watching America’s Next Top Model and I caught parts of 3 episodes and it’s surprisingly entertaining. Subcultures are just interesting to me because they all have their own rules and values and whatever. I spend a lot of time in the Asian-American Christian subculture and I’m sure tons of people find that bizarro. I find the high fashion subculture odd.

The show’s all about high fashion, not commercial fashion. That’s one thing that killed me, the disdain with which they treated commercial fashion. Like, the ultimate insult (maybe I’m wrong, I just saw little snippets of the show) is saying that someone or something fits with commercial fashion. Ouch. Cuckoo.

One difference between commercial and high fashion is apparently in high fashion they don’t value beauty. They value a look. I dunno, I walked in once while Jieun was watching and saw all the girls and was like, none of them are beautiful, only a handful even attractive. I dunno, I just don’t get high fashion at all.

I loved a comment someone made at the end about winner. “Her whole life is fashion.” They meant that as a compliment. Where I come from, that’s an insult. I dunno, interesting subculture.

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