So here’s a phenomenon I find odd. Person makes a terrible public impression. Group related to the person rallies around the person, instead of distancing themselves. Someone explain that to me.

What I mean is like, so on The Apprentice, Omarosa made the worst impression ever. Everyone on the show hates her. Probably most viewers hate her also. But from what I’ve read, the black community has rallied behind her. She got a standing ovation at some event recently. Huh? Why would you want to identify with someone who made such an awful impression? Wouldn’t you want to distance yourself?

Same thing happened in Survivor: Australia with Kimmie. She was a totally bizarro vegetarian who came across as annoying, illogical, and obnoxious, especially in regards to her vegetarianness. An awful impression. After the show, PETA promptly makes her a spokeswoman. Huh? How on earth does that further your cause? She made people really dislike vegetarians, and that’s the impression you’re going for?

I dunno, to me it just shows that a lot of times, people care more about making a stand than convincing other people. They want to preach to the choir, not convince the undecided. And that’s stupid. PETA will never bring people into their cause with Kimmie. She just reinforces the already rigid views of PETAites. If anything, she’ll turn people away.

I guess my point is, I used to think only Christians were stupid like that. You know, with stuff like the Alabama Ten Commandments thing. Doing things just to make a stand, preaching to the converted, turning off the undecided. But it’s not just Christians, it’s lots of groups. And that’s odd to me.

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