Why watch Celine Dion when you can watch William Hung? I saw him “in concert” last night at halftime of the Warriors / Rockets game. Truly bizarre. On the one hand, everyone is essentially laughing at him. On the other hand, they genuinely like him. It’s a strange combination.

He sang two songs, his “hit” She Bangs and Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Forget what I said about him at least singing in tune. Yikes. He had serious rhythm issues also. However, it was insane how much the crowd was into it. When the chorus came up, everyone was yelling “She Bangs!”. That’s passion. That’s energy. From a better man than myself.

As for the game, it sucked. After 3 quarters, score was 81-68 Golden State. When they score 100 points, everyone gets a free chili dog. So my hopes were for Rockets win (first choice, possible but not likely), or at least free chili dogs (given the score, likely). Final score: 97-90, Warriors win. No chili dog. Worst case scenario.

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