Two interesting theories.

On a recent column Ebert floats the idea that people who watched Lost In Translation on the big screen liked it, those that watched on DVD hated it. That might be true. Seems to fit most people’s reactions.

Skip Bayless also wrote something interesting. I generally disagree with him, but I think there’s merit to this idea. So many high school players are going straight to the NBA, and so many underclassmen are leaving early, that the NBA caliber players who do go to college dominate. So for the tournament, he picks the team with the most dominant player, because they tend to be so much better than everyone else.

Last year, Carmelo was the best player around, so he picked Syracuse to win it all. This year, it’s Okafor, so he picked UConn to win it all. Right both times.

I dunno, I think there’s merit to that. And because of it, Stanford will never win the championship. If Childress sticks around, we have an outside chance at the Final Four, but unless we get an Okafor or a Carmelo, we’re never gonna win it all. I dunno.

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