I cannot overstate how difficult it is to shop for shoes when you know you have no taste. The shoes that other people find stylish I find ugly. The shoes I like, other people find ugly. So I know I must get shoes I find ugly. Problem is, half the shoes I find ugly are legitimately ugly, and half are stylish. I have no way of figuring out which is which. It’s stressful, to be honest.

It’s crazy how much the tastes of gay men matter to me when it comes to this. Matters almost as much as Jieun’s. We were shopping and one salesman was clearly gay, and I was actively courting and valuing his opinion on each shoe. Why does it matter to me so much? No clue.

Come to think of it, watching Queer Eye and even America’s Next Top Model, it’s crazy how much influence gays have on fashion in general. I wonder whether it’s a chicken and egg thing. Do gays like it because it’s fashionable? Or is it fashionable because gay men like it?

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