Travel tip of the day: when flying out of a city with more than one airport, make sure you know which one you’re flying out of. Blasted Gatwick Airport. Rage.

For related reasons, we ended up going to church in, of all places, Atlanta on Sunday. Atlanta seems nice, although we saw almost none of it. Spent most of the time in a really Korean area, Doraville? Something like that. Anyway, it feels a lot like Houston, except the city is way way cooler and there’s more stuff to do. But in terms of layout and weather and stuff, very Houstony.

So the church we went to is one of those hardcore Reformed churches. Just very proud about being Reformed. They do part of the Westminster catechism (or confession, dunno what it is) during the service, pastor asking the question and congregation responding. The sermon was on infant baptism. I dunno, just hardcore.

Personally, I don’t jive with that hardcoreness. Just, the impression I get (I’m not saying they feel this way, it’s just how it comes across to me) is that they’re more passionate about being Reformed than about God. The sermon was a pure defense of infant baptism. Which is interesting, whatever, just odd for a sermon. Is there any application for me? Any way to make me love God more? I dunno, odd sermon is all.

But at least they’re passionate about something. Better that than passionless existing, which is me a lot of the time.

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