So I like good food, and many times, I’m willing to pay a premium for it. The quality matters to me. Like sushi. Lots of people are fine with Miyake or Sushi Lovers. I can’t stand the stuff. Or steak. Why someone would ever get a steak at Chili’s is beyond me. Good steak is worth paying for. To me.

Other things though, other people are passionate about and I could care less. Here are some of them.

  • Orange juice – Eddie is insistent that his orange juice not be from concentrate. Me, I can’t tell enough to care. I can tell when it’s fresh squeezed at a restaurant. Like the pulpy fresh squeezed orange juice at certain Vietnamese restaurants… delicious. But in terms of the grocery store stuff, could care less.

  • Bottled water – Spending money on water is somewhat absurd to me already. I wouldn’t buy bottled water at all were it not for the documented fact that drinking Santa Clara county water is associated with more miscarriages. I’m not a pregnant woman, but that doesn’t strike me as being generally healthy. Anyway, there’s no way I’m gonna spend a premium for it. The taste differential on different bottled waters doesn’t match the price differential.

  • Chocolate – So people go gaga over European chocolate. Brian Chu once said how he hated chocolate until he tasted some European stuff, it’s totally different, so much better it blows your mind, etc. Eh. We went to this semifamous chocolate place in Paris. It was markedly better than normal American stuff. But in my personal opinion, not worth the price. My chocolate palate is not refined enough I guess. For me, just give me a bar of Nestle Crunch and I’m good to go.

  • Ketchup – I think it’s Joe, not sure, but he’s particular about ketchup, has to be Heinz. I think we were using Albertson’s or something and he was freaking out, as if we were savages who hadn’t yet discovered utensils. Heinz is probably my first choice, sure. But I won’t go out of my way for it or anything, it’s no big whoop, it’s all pretty much the same. That’s true of most condiments.

  • Coffee – I avoid caffeine so I rarely drink coffee. Because of that, I can’t tell what’s good coffee or not. Can’t really tell the difference between McDonald’s and Starbucks, all the same to me. The coffee type stuff I like best is the stuff that doesn’t really taste like coffee, like a mocha or a Baskin Robbins Cappuccino Blast (mmm…). So I’m clueless about coffee.

  • Coke – Minho calls himself a Coke connoisseur. I think it was he who was saying how Coke in France is a bit more syrupy. I can’t tell at all. I can vaguely tell that Pepsi is sweeter, but doesn’t matter to me that much. If I’m gonna drink cola, anything’s fine with me. Safeway Select Cola, no problem.

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