I drank too much in Europe. Which really isn’t a lot, didn’t get drunk, but still, too much for a light drinker like myself. The problem is that I’m cheap, and wine is free in a lot of places. Like on the Air France flight over (Air France is awesome, btw. Each seat has its own LCD screen on which you can play games and watch a variety of movies. In coach!), on the chunnel train, as parts of various meals. And my principle is, if it’s free, I take it.

Which is the wrong mentality. The proper mindset is, free stuff means opportunity, not obligation. Which I forget sometimes.

I dunno, I think people forget the same’s true of education also. Going to college doesn’t mean you’re obligated to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, go to business school or whatever. You go to school for greater opportunity. You’re obligated to use your education well, but that doesn’t mean status or money. I dunno, I just think sometimes people feel, I went to college, so now I must do this, I must make money, I must become “successful”, I can’t do something different or I’m wasting my education. And that’s missing the boat.

Says me, the prototypical engineer. Sigh.

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