For Jieun, the impression I get is that Friends is less about entertainment and more about loyalty. She had some people come over last night and she basically categorized them. The loyal ones (her) who accept the show no matter what are Friends. People who like the show but didn’t like the last episode are Acquaintances. Everyone else are Enemies. It goes without saying that I’m an Enemy.

I don’t hate the show. It doesn’t torture me to watch it. I’m just not involved with the characters at all, and could care less what happens to them. I wish they had been bold in the last show. Minho was saying how the last episode of Cheers was a good one, there’s some self awareness that goes on, where Sam realizes the real love of his life is the bar. There’s virtually no self awareness in Friends at all. Ross and Rachel realize they love each other? Didn’t that happen 10 years ago? Do any of the characters experience growth ever?

I guess the same could be said of Seinfeld, but Seinfeld in general was more clever, funny, and had more guts. Like the last episode. It was awful, but undeniably gutsy. But whatever, I don’t really watch sitcoms anymore. It’s all about reality TV, like Survivor, Apprentice, and Iron Chef.

Speaking of which, this season of Survivor has turned out to be less entertaining than I anticipated. It’s a great idea in concept, but in practice, when they’ve all been on the show prior, they know to be wary and they ended up kicking off all the dangerous but interesting characters early. Now it’s just attrition. You need more people naive to the game on the show. Spices things up more.

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