My dad defines hate as wishing someone/something weren’t around, or more strongly, wishing they didn’t exist. Murder then is the practical application of hate, wishing someone didn’t exist, and doing something about it. It’s an interesting definition.

Anyway, I hate the sponges we use for washing dishes. Hate. SN. I have never been able to figure out how to keep sponges from smelling mildewy and gross. When I dry them out after washing, they smell gross. Leave them wet, they smell gross. I just try to thoroughly wash them with water and detergent before starting on the dishes, I don’t know what else to do.

So our sponges are soft on one side and rough on the other, so they give the appearance that the rough side can be used for scrubbing stuck on food and whatever. Thing is, that side always just falls apart. It’s not useful at all. I used to think the sponges were just old, but then we opened up a new one and the rough side immediately started falling off. I was inexpressibly angry. As Satan masquerades as being an angel of light, so do these sponges masquerade as being useful when they’re actually completely useless. At least the “scrubbing” side. Rage.

I’ve written about this before, right? Why I say like Friends and Britney Spears are satanic. What I mean is, I don’t think Satan works in a way that’s in your face. I think he’s way more subtle than that, from the Garden until now.

The reason I say Friends is satanic is because it’s not in your face evil. It just subtly degrades your moral standards. And I think that’s much more in line with how Satan actually works. Friends has totally pushed the boundaries in terms of sexual content and casual attitudes on stuff like porn and done it in the 8 PM hour, traditionally the family hour. Even the editor of Newsweek, hardly a conservative publication, mentioned his qualms about the sexual content of Friends while watching with his kids in that Friends issue they had a while back.

And it’s been effective. Most Christians who watch don’t think all that sexual stuff is a big deal, or even defend it. And that’s how Satan works. Subtly affecting mindsets, even Christians, to think that those kinds of attitudes on sex are no big deal.

Some argue that Friends is a reflection of culture, not a shaper of it. And that Friends isn’t alone in degrading morals. Both somewhat true. But Friends reflects the morality of just a segment of people, and it affects everyone. Like, again, subtly affecting the attitudes of Christians so they think it’s no big deal. And it’s not unique among TV shows, it’s just, it’s pushed the limits of 8 PM a ton and since it’s so popular it deserves particular attention. But it’s not unique. I think the Apprentice is evil also, with its message of money is everything.

Whatever, I’m not saying it’s not entertaining to most and don’t watch it. I’m just saying in today’s culture, you have to be vigilant about maintaining your sense of morals. But whatever, just how I feel.

Did anyone else read about that study that indicated that kids who make public pledges of abstinence have the same rates of STDs as kids who don’t? That totally depressed me. I dunno, you can’t fight culture just by having kids make a pledge. You have to be aware every step of the way, and that includes being aware of stuff like Friends. Eracism.

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