The staple/tape method didn’t work on the headliner on my car. It’s been sagging again, to the point where it hits my head as I drive. Really annoying. Anyway, this afternoon I tried stapling it directly, and that’s doing surprisingly well, dunno why I didn’t try that sooner. We’ll see how long it lasts.

My goal for the car is to drive it until 2011, make it last 20 years. I think I’ve got a shot. The engine really is in good shape. There’s a problem with the starter right now I think, some mornings I have to try 20 times before the engine starts, but besides that and all the cosmetic issues, it’s doing well. And it still gets 30 MPG which is pretty good. Lets me defy these piddling gas price raises.

So I’d been toying recently with the idea of buying a mobile home. You know what housing prices are like around here. Or maybe you don’t. In a word, insane. Anyway, rent angers me. It’s just throwing money away. So I figured, might as well just buy something and at least not throw money away in rent. Anyway, there’s a mobile home community right near our apartment complex so we checked it out. There’s one for sale at $45,000. That’s insane. I could just borrow a little money from my parents and buy that straight up, no mortgage at all. All the money we’d save.

The only thing is the “trailer trash” stigma. But I dunno, that kind of makes me angry also. Just, why should I be ashamed to live there? It’s not like I’m a better person than those people. It’s just by the grace of God that I have anything I have, so I’m against any stigma that assumes I’m better than someone else. I have no idea if that makes sense.

But I did some more research and it turns out mobile homes depreciate with time instead of rising in value so it might not be a wise idea financially. Anyway.

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