So Jieun’s bro teaches at I guess not the most privileged school in the world. He teaches among other things some sort of economics class and he had them do a project where they tracked their income and expenses for a month. Anyway, this one guy, I guess really comfortable with him, lists among his expense headings drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. It’s simultaneously hilarious and sad.

So if GMail’s 1 GB isn’t enough for you, there’s a company offering 2 GB. This after another company offered 1 GB e-mail + 350 storage space, blogging, gallery, and more. Lycos UK I think offers 1 GB now also (though not for free).

If you want my advice, just stick with the mail site whose interface you like best from a non-sketchy company. Yahoo is upping their free space to 100 MB, and if they find that’s not enough to keep people from leaving, they’ll likely up it again. You’ll get the space you need.

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