For most of my life, I haven’t worn clothes that fit me. When I was really young, my parents would often get me clothes that were slightly big so I would grow into them. Starting from late elementary school I got super self-conscious about my skinniness so I wore overly baggy clothes. When skinny guys wear clothes they’re supposed to wear, they look really skinny. If you wear clothes big enough, you just look baggy, and that’s what I did.

It’s only within the past 2 years that I’ve come to grips with what size I actually am: a solid medium. So now I buy as such, but I still have tons of XL T-shirts in the closet. And cheapo me sure as heck isn’t gonna just throw them away. Oh well.

I’m buying pants that fit better also. My preference actually runs a bit tighter than Jieun prefers. That’s Keith rubbing off on me. Darn Keith.

The only thing is with underwear. I wear tighty whities and when I wear the “right” size I find it ridiculously tight. Not to get super crude, but yeah, it puts my fertility at risk. The underwear size that seems to fit me best is always one size over. Doesn’t matter what brand it is, it’s always the case. I dunno if that’s just me or all guys.

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