Hey you in the red minivan on Central and Fair Oaks. If you’re gonna drive like that, take that Jesus fish off your bumper. I never understood those anyway. You can never make a good impression. People aren’t impressed by the witness of a good driver. Almost by definition, good driving is ignored. You only notice bad driving. So the fish on cars can only make a bad impression. I dunno.

According to the President match thing Vanderpool posted, my political views align most closely with the positions of Kerry, then Kucinch, then (distantly) Bush. That’s disturbing. I didn’t realize Kerry had a political position.

More on SNL. I hate to be one of those old fogeys who says everything was better before, but I dunno, people who think SNL is good now, did you ever watch the old episodes? I dunno, the late 80s / early 90s was a great time. Dennis Miller was incredible doing Weekend Update. The few shows I watch here and there now, I dunno, doesn’t seem to compare.

Then again, who knows. All the critics say those seasons I liked were nothing compared to the first few seasons of SNL ever in the 70s or whatever, but I’ve seen those reruns and they bore me. So maybe the 90s episodes bore today’s generation.

Like, Jieun hates Dennis Miller. She caught a bit of his HBO show where he does one of his rants and was like, “This is funny? A weird man reading a long speech is funny?” I guess it’s an acquired taste.

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