No offense to the other Hyun brothers, they’re all cool and everything, but I still like Drew best. Maybe it’s a loyalty thing, I dunno. Wong might be more impartial. But they’re all great guys.

My favorite memory of Drew was in East Asia when he was teaching some students American slang.

    • “In America, we don’t say hello, we say, ‘what up?’ Try it.”
  •  (Heavily accented English) “What up?”
  •  “Right. And if you’re friends, you say, ‘What up dawg?'”
  •  “What up dawg?”
  •  “And if you’re really close, you say, ‘What up home skillet?'”
  •  “What up home skillet?”

You had to be there, but it was hilarious. Another memory is all of our failed attempts to wash our thick Western style clothes in the bathtub. None of us really knew how to do laundry without a machine so we all failed. Drew’s attempt was particularly bad, and his clothes reeked of mildew. But he wore one of his shirts anyway and he went around for a day with this really smelly shirt hoping people wouldn’t notice too much. Good times.