I can’t remember if I wrote about this before, but I think the single most valuable lesson I’ve learned from Baylight is the concept of seasons. (Unbelievably, even Californians can know something about seasons.) I’m not even sure if it’s been explicit, but yeah, it seems they’re big on there being seasons in life, church, ministry, whatever, so you shouldn’t be doing the exact same thing all the time.

I find that really freeing. I dunno, my problem has often been that I believed that if something was good, it should be done all the time. Thing is, no matter how much I do, there are always tons of other good things that I could be doing. And that always made me feel guilty and guilt somewhat paralyzes me. I think I’m only recently grasping that it’s not necessary to do everything all the time.

The key is like boundaries, I think. The focus of boundaries shouldn’t be doing something for yourself, it’s ultimately about how you can better serve others. With seasons, it can’t be a license to not do anything at all, it’s gotta be about how you can be more effective overall. And for me, knowing that I don’t have to be doing right now other things I could be doing is helping me be more effective in general, I think.