I realized why I hate the Lakers. I didn’t always. I liked Showtime. I remember rooting for them against the Bulls that one Finals when Jordan did his completely unnecessary switch hands in midair layup, I think it was Elden Campbell’s rookie year. And it’s not because they’re good. I’m not necessarily bothered by good teams. I don’t remember hating the Bulls. Don’t hate the Patriots or whoever. So it’s not that.

The reason I hate the Lakers is because of Laker fans. What it is is, Dave Barry wrote this once about Celtic fans in the 80s, but it fits for Laker fans today – they produce 95% of the world’s smug. It’s not all of them, just enough to spoil the whole barrel. When they win, they’re all like, “In your face!” and “Booyah” and whatever. No class. And then they wonder why there are so many Laker haters. Look in a mirror, bub. It’s not jealousy, it’s annoyance.

So that’s why I hate the Lakers. The fans. Although there are a few good non-annoying Laker fans, like Adrian, Wong and Eddie. I think that’s the complete list.

For the record, I think that’s why I hate the Yankees also, or at least among the bigger reasons. Go to an A’s / Yankees game at the Net sometime. It’s insane how condescending and smug the Yankee fans are. Rage.

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