More NBA notes that no one cares about.

That song they’re using on ABC really annoys me. The one that goes “Let’s get it started.” If they used it on the pregame show, that would be fine. But they use it all throughout the broadcast. What exactly do they want to get started during the middle of the game? The 3rd quarter? Let’s get the free throws started? Let’s get the inbounds pass with 4 minutes left started? I dunno, it annoys me.

I liked that one year they used Lenny Kravitz’ Dig In because I’m a mild LK fan – simple, easy to play, mindless, catchy pop-rock. That’s nice sometimes. Britney Spears got flak for a comment she made once about how anyone can write an esoteric artsy song but writing good pop is hard. Musically na├»ve, but she kind of has a point; it’s not easy writing something catchy. Like, I find ABC’s Monday Night Football music (not the intro) way catchier than Fox’s Football stuff. The NBA on NBC theme song is Nobel caliber catchy. (SN. Adrian’s mentioned this before, but what’s a John Tesh concert like? Do you sing along with “da da da”s? I’d want to if I heard the NBA on NBC theme in concert.) Anyway, LK writes fluffy catchy hooks that I dig sometimes.

Another thing Jesus wouldn’t do, Derek: flop.

I really shouldn’t talk about Laker fans being annoying, though, since I’m among the most annoying Laker-haters I know. I once watched a game with Adrian and was being incredibly annoying the whole time, calling every time Shaq touched the ball a flagrant charge, every miss by the opponents a foul, heckling the entire time. Mildly amusing the first time. By the 2nd quarter, totally annoying. 4th quarter, Adrian stopped talking and got really quiet. Whoops. Went too far.

Jack Ramsey on the radio broadcast made an interesting point answering a question about whether Phil Jackson is being outcoached. He said, he doesn’t think so; sometimes the issue isn’t about the coaching but how well players implement what the coaches want. Interesting idea. Yeah, a good coach gets his players to listen, but it can only so far. I think that’s maybe what happened in Philly with AI and Larry Brown, AI just stopped listening, which is why Larry wanted to trade him. I think I’ve read that Phil Jackson is tired of Kobe’s act also. Which is why it’s been smart to harass Kobe so much, he’s gonna try to create his own shot regardless of coaching or whatever. Doesn’t seem like he’s that great at creating for his teammates.

Anyway, has Scott Kim ever talked to Paul Lee? I want to sit in on that conversation. I’m thinking it will result in an ever-increasing hyperbole loop with no theoretical limit.

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