We had orientation on Monday and a couple of the interns there were 18 years old. That’s kind of depressing. I’m too young to be 10 years older than a coworker of any kind. I think they should pass legislation permanently limiting full time work to people born on or before 1985. That’s reasonable, right? If you weren’t born by the time Back To The Future came out, how can you possibly be a competent worker? If it turns out to have a negative effect on the economy, they can repeal it after I die.

I don’t understand lingerie, specifically Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been told that women dress for other women, not men, which was surprising at first but I accept that. I had assumed that they dress up to show off to men mostly because men pretty much only dress up for women. I’m basing this in part on my all-male Jesuit high school experience. In 4 years, I don’t think I ever saw a guy there dress well. Come to think of it, not even the ones who turned out to be gay, which is odd. Anyway, in a lot of men’s clothes ads there’s a woman standing next to the guy, because that’s the point. Remove women from the equation, and men would dress (and live) like slobs I think.

So yeah, assumed women are the same, but I’ve heard they dress for other women, not men, which explains why in women’s clothing ads, there’s nary a man to be found. Maybe also that’s why all the female high schools in the area all had uniforms, to avoid problems or something.

But then, I don’t get what lingerie is for. Victoria’s Secret sells the image of “sexy”. But it can’t be that women are trying to be sexy in front of other women, since presumably women don’t generally see other women in lingerie. If it’s for men, it would seem VS is just for hooked up women, and even then, only for special occasions. But then it wouldn’t be that big a chain, right? And in any case, females seem to go there for everyday stuff. And if that’s the case, why does it matter being sexy? Why does VS sell that image so much? Who are women trying to be sexy for?

My hunch based on what I’ve heard is that women want to be sexy for themselves, not other women, not men. And that’s strange to me.

And at what age did things change so that men wore boxers more than briefs? I know for a fact from junior high PE that everyone wore briefs then. Nowadays people seem to think I’m odd for sticking with my tighty whiteys. When is the transition supposed to happen? I missed the memo.

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