So people are saying this is legit, not positive, but it’s zero risk so why not.

Free iPod Offer. Do me a favor and go through the link if you’re gonna do it since it costs you nothing to do so.

Basically you have to do one of their offers and get 5 other people to do the same. What I suggest is creating a temporary yahoo account for it that you’ll never use again after you complete it. Then do the ebay offer, create a new account, search for some no reserve item that has a really low bid, bid once (low) and that should do it. Takes a day to be confirmed but it goes through. I’ll ask people to go to different referrals once (if) I get 5.

** Update ** turns out there are problems with Hotmail and the e-mail verification process, so you should use a non Hotmail address. If you already used a Hotmail address, you can change the e-mail address in your account on the Freeipods site without losing your referrals.

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