I made a startling discovery last night talking to people at LTG. Most people wear their shirts more than once before washing them. I never knew that, don’t do it myself. After I’ve worn a shirt once, it goes straight to the laundry. I had no clue that people did differently.

Reason I do that though is I wear my shirts for a full 24 hour period, I wear the same shirt I’ve worn during the day to bed, and after that long, it just doesn’t seem right to wear it again, it’s due for a cleaning. I’m gonna try wearing pajama tops or something to bed, and wearing shirts multiple times between washings. This could seriously change my life.

Dunno why I never thought about that. I don’t do that with pants, I guess since I don’t wear them to bed, but I wear the same pants over again between washings. But not underwear. Or socks. Although there was a person there last night who didn’t wash her socks. Different strokes.

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