I liked 13 Going On 30 way more than I should have. Objectively, it’s pretty bad. But I still liked it. I dunno, I’m a Jennifer Garner fan. I just can’t help it.

Couple quick food notes.

We discovered this New York style pizza place called Giovanni’s on Lawrence near 101. It’s pretty good. Not as good as Amici’s but not bad. I like Chicago style, but I think New York style goes better with the lighter ingredients Jieun and I sometimes like. Pizza Chicago has the Air Jordan but it doesn’t quite work, it’s still a pretty heavy pizza. A New York style Margherita is very light and nice. It being close, we’ll probably go again.

Thanks be to God, a Marble Slab Creamery opened in Sunnyvale next to the Borders. Another one of those frozen slab, ice cream with mix-ins place like Cold Stone, the main difference being, Marble Slab is actually good. I have no idea which chain came first, but I first had Marble Slab in Houston summer of 93. I’m gonna say Paul Jung took me there. Loved it. There’s another chain Amy’s that came to Houston a few years later that does the same thing that a lot of Texas people like and it’s also pretty good.

So anyway, when I heard Cold Stone, with a similar concept, was opening in the Bay Area, I was excited. But I’m sorry, it’s disgusting. Bad goopy ice cream. I’ve gone 3 times and been angry every time. We went to new Marble Slab with Henry to celebrate his birthday and yeah, much much better. The quality of the ice cream is much better, the marble slab is colder so it stays frozen, I even think they mix in the mix-ins better. I hate Cold Stone. I love Marble Slab. I feel very strongly about this.

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