My dad wrote something interesting recently. He was commenting on people who complain about Christians who seem to pray only for their needs and aren’t concerned about society or the world. His claim is that people who make these comments are often at heart unloving people. They talk about loving society because it’s easier to do that than love your neighbor – society is abstract, your neighbor is real. They sound noble, but in reality, they’re far from it.

As I grow in self-realization I’m finding that’s true in my own life. Lots of times, when I judge other people for not doing something or doing something the wrong way, it’s really just a cover-up for an area in which I’m lacking.

My Utmost For His Highest had this challenge a while back. SN. My Utmost is just about the boldest thing I’ve ever read. Every other entry, I’m like, what? Is that true? It’s so bold I’m not sure I believe it. I’m a little surprised that people who have read it aren’t like shocked at how bold it is. Maybe it’s just me. But yeah, it says some interesting stuff. Like, Christians often say that trials invariably make us better. Chambers doesn’t. He says trials *can* make us better, but they can also make us worse. It depends on how we respond to them, on our relationship with God. How often do you hear someone say that? That trials can make you a worse person? Bold.

Anyway, it had a challenge a while back that you should *never* judge anyone else. That’s bold. I read that and immediately come up with good reasons why it’s not always true or why it’s infeasible. But I dunno, for me at least, I think I should give the never judging anyone thing a try. My problem is definitely not that I judge too little. I dunno.

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