I know it’s hard to be objective about things like this, but objectively speaking, my niece is the cutest baby in the entire world. Someone has to be the cutest baby. She’s the one.

So I’ve been using Yahoo Messenger a bit more than AIM these days, mostly because it has Launchcast radio built in, and I’ve been listening to a lot of worship music. I think I’ve heard all of John Tesh’s worship album, and all I can say is, the man must be stopped. Yike.

Also, when did the pronunciation of Hallelujah switch from halleluyah to halleluyuh? I know no Hebrew so maybe the second is more correct, but it sounds bizarre to me.

So one thing that bothers me is when the style of worship songs is in total contrast to what the lyrics are saying. With things like the Counting Crows cover of Big Yellow Taxi where they completely misunderstand the song, whatever, who cares. But a lot of why we study theology is supposedly for right worship, so you’d think with worship songs stuff like that matters more.

So like, I hate the Philips, Craig and Dean version of Let My Words Be Few (produced by Nathan Nockels, I think). The whole point of the song is that God is so awesome and beyond our understanding that all we can do is stand in awe and speak simply that we love Him. So in keeping with the title and message, the original recording is super sparse, just acoustic guitar and vocals, maybe a little percussion, can’t remember. But simple and sparse.

The PCD version then goes out, takes this song and slickly produces it with layers of vocals and instrumentation. Hello? Are you paying attention to the lyrics you’re singing at all? How on earth does your music and the lyrics go together? Cuckoo.

I dislike the SonicFlood version of In The Secret also. The lyrics talk about being in the secret, quiet place, of stillness. The song is hardly any of those things, it’s kind of loud and obnoxious. But the original version is kinda odd also, so whatever.

Of course, I regularly sing lyrics like “as I stand” while sitting down, “on bended knee” while standing, “I lift my hands” with my arms firmly at my side, and “like we’re dancing now” while standing stiff as a board so what do I know.

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