When I first started reading the newspaper as a kid, the first (only) section I read was the comics. Later, the first section I read was sports. Now, the first things I read are the Fry’s ads. Thus marks my personal development.

I found out the hills next to our work campus are actually piles of garbage, on which grass has grown. This explains why on hot days (most of the past month) there’s a strange odor in the air. I had thought it was from being near the water (there’s water visible from campus also, no clue what body it is) but it’s really garbage. Disturbing.

Speaking of the grass, they’ve been doing something interesting recently in the Bay Area. They like to keep the grass on the hills short to minimize the fire hazard, and instead of cutting it, they use goats. It’s better for the environment, goats eat anything, and they eat plants to ground level but leave the roots and can “mow” areas with lots of pipes and wells and stuff which are difficult for mowers. So yeah, for a few weeks there were goats on the hills by work. Interesting? I dunno.

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