I was pleasantly surprised to see the Merc endorse Steve Poizner, a Republican running for an Assembly seat. Usually the Merc goes down the line Democrat, so a little balance is refreshing. Of course, they had to be backhanded about it, noting in the endorsement that he wouldn’t be a “typical” Republican. Hilarious.

It’s also fascinating seeing who different newspapers around the country endorsed for President. Just a good reminder that there is more to the world than the liberal Bay Area, thank God.

Do people outside of California realize that Arnold’s been a pretty good governor? Gets high approval ratings and favorable reviews from the media. He’s a consummate politician, knowing which battles to fight and when you need to compromise. Like with the whole foie gras ban I’m livid about, he thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time, but he signed it anyway, probably in part because it was a pet bill of the Democratic Assembly Speaker, John Burton. He’s pointed to as an example of why this proposition for open primaries should be passed – he would not be governor otherwise (way too centrist to have won a normal Republican primary in California, where Republicans are too stupid to realize that in an overwhelmingly Democratic state, compromise is necessary). And he called our apartment yesterday! OK, it was just a recording, but Jieun was fairly excited.

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