Let me say up front that I didn’t vote for Bush. That said, here are things that piss me off about some (not all) Democrats.

One, they’re incredibly arrogant and condescending, it’s sickening. They assume that everyone believes what they do, so it’s just a matter of getting out the vote. Anything that indicates majority support contrary to their positions is chicanery by their opponents. Like Michael Moore sent out thousands of people with cameras to Florida and Ohio to make sure there’s no voter intimidation or whatever. The implicit assumption being, if the people have their say, it will clearly go the Democrats’ way. Any other result must be tampering. As it turns out, both states voted for Bush. Whoops. There was a greater voter turnout this election… and most of them voted for Bush. Whoops.

I was listening to KGO this morning and it was ridiculous. Some still wouldn’t concede even after Kerry had, but whatever, that’s just hope which I can understand. But in the face of a loss and no evidence of any trickery by their opponents, they go out and belittle everyone that voted for Bush, essentially calling them idiots, saying middle America is just a bunch of stupid backwards yokels. People that disagree with them can’t possibly have have thoughtful reasons for doing so. They must be idiots. Incredibly arrogant, elitist, and belittling. And this attitude from a party that represents itself as a party for the people. Way to be for the people. By arrogantly belittling the majority of the people in this country. Nice attitude.

Democrats honestly believe that anyone that votes Republican is either stupid or evil. Right now stupid is the prevailing attitude, and the snobbery pisses me off. In Hollywood it’s evil. Has there been an even semi-favorable portrayal of Republican on TV/movies in the last 20 years? In The American President, Richard Dreyfuss is evil. In The Contender, Gary Oldman is at best naive, at worst evil. West Wing takes cheap potshots all the time. Every Republican on TV and Film is not just misguided, but evil.

With that kind of attitude it’s no wonder Democrats do poorly. If the only you cannot see your opponents as anything but stupid or evil, you are unable to engage in meaningful debate, because the argument will ultimately always come down to, we’re right, they are stupid or evil. That’s not a thoughtful conversation, it’s dismissal. And you can’t convince the undecided with dismissal.

Anyway, yeah, the arrogance just pisses me off. If I hear another comment about stupid middle America is or how evil Republicans are I’ll go crazy. If you’re gonna be a party for the people, how about having some respect for people? Geez.