I had a realization recently, maybe while reading that Church game vs. real world game thing. And that is, I have zero thoughts about relationships. Relationships meaning, dating, guy-girl issues, DTRs/RDTs, stuff like that. It’s not just that I don’t think about those things, which I suppose is natural. It’s that even when I do think about them, I have zero opinion about anything. Almost complete apathy. I thought that was odd.

There’s a corollary to the game thing I think, that just has to do with social competency in general. And I think I have church social competency but not real world social competency. I’m not saying I’m completely incompetent with people, I’m just saying outside of church, I’m way more shy and reserved. I used to think it was an Asian/non-Asian thing, but I realized that’s not quite true, it’s much more a church/non-church thing.

And I dunno, honestly, I’m not that bothered by it. Maybe that’s odd. But yeah, it might cost me some status and whatever, but who cares. I would actually be more worried if I was too comfortable in the world, or more comfortable outside of church than in it. To me, that would be more an indication that something’s wrong. But I dunno.

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