Interesting story about Bush, linked from John Chi’s site.

Seriously, Democrats have to stop talking about the stupid masses in the middle of the country. They realize that a large number of people in those regions voted for Kerry, right? When you write off all of them as stupid, you drive those people away from the Democratic Party. How is that strategically sound? I don’t get it.

So Michael Moore is supposedly making a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11. I dunno if you heard about this, but supposedly there was an effect of undecideds feeling sorry for Bush because of the way he’s attacked by certain liberal media. Moore seemed/seems to think F9/11 would rally people against Bush. It’s possible that it just solidified the opinions of those already liberal, and turned off the undecided, the people you really need to reach.

There’s also a story about how a liberal UK newspaper (the Guardian?) decided to enlist readers to send letters to residents of a county in Ohio encouraging them to vote for Kerry. Totally backfired. Recipients got enraged that random foreigners were telling them what to do. In the end, that county voted for Bush in much greater percentages than it had voted Republican in the past. So basically, a complete backfire. Whoops.

I dunno, I’m not against Democrats, I just feel sorry for them. Rove is evil but strategically intelligent. Democrats I think mean well, but they’re strategically stupid. They don’t bother trying to convince, they just bludgeon. Before the election and now. And they wonder why that doesn’t sway people. And I’m not sure you can win an election on negativity. Dole couldn’t rally around Clinton-hate in ’96. Kerry couldn’t rally around Bush-hate in ’04. Clinton won by presenting a positive alternative, not by bashing Bush. But what do I know.

Do you think janitors get discouraged when they finish cleaning the bathroom and people immediately go in to use it? I always felt bad in the dorms when the janitor would finish and while he’s still in there, I go and soil the urinal he’s just cleaned. It must just feel like his work is a pointless, Sisyphean task. I dunno. I still feel bad about it.

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