Nine Ways To Win My Heart

Gobble gobble. Honestly, it could be called 9 things about Jieun that make me go va va va voom but whatever. I guess that’s why she won my heart.

9. I find holiness attractive, and that’s always been disturbing to me. I like to keep worship and romance as separate as possible. You know how some couples are very touchy feely in worship, like hugging or whatever. I virtually eliminate body contact. I just don’t like mixing up romantic feelings with God worship. Despite that, I can’t get around the fact that I find a heart for God a romantically attractive quality. Drives me nutters, but that’s how it is.

8. Physical attractiveness. All guys care about looks, maybe it “shouldn’t” be that way but unfortunately it is. Thing is, what guys are into is totally variable so it’s not a problem. Even for the same guy. Like, when I first met Jieun I didn’t think she was all that. Now I think she’s hotter than Hades. In Latin, she would be called vulpes. How did that change happen? No clue.

7. Quirkiness. I find normalcy boring to tears. Quirkiness adds spice to life, makes life colorful and fun. It’s very important to me.

6. Musical. In a lot of ways, I think of life as music, so if I were with someone who weren’t musical, in a sense we wouldn’t be able to relate about life.

5. Good at languages. This is a retrospect thing, nothing I valued at all beforehand. But yeah, whenever I hear Jieun speaking Korean / Japanese / Spanish / Chinese I get a little tingle. It’s awesome.

4. Feminine. This means a few things. One, not a tomboy, but into girly things that I can’t get into for the life of me. Not overdoing it, but you know, being a girl. I like that. The other thing this means to me is, I dunno, just different from me. Some guys want girls who are just like them. I dunno. I value differences. It’s the differences that I find attractive. I can’t imagine anything more unattractive than a woman who had the personality of me. Yerks. Male / female differences: good. Attractive.

3. Not materialistic. Just a personal thing I find attractive.

2. Not evil. I don’t even know how to go about explaining this. But guys know what I mean. And yeah, since I myself am evil, I need this for balance.

1. Good at cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, and with good childbearing hips. Just kidding!