Five Things I’m Afraid Of


5. Heights. When I went to the Grand Canyon with Marshall, I couldn’t get like 5 feet from the rim without getting frightened. I basically had to crawl on my stomach to even approach it.

4. Large bugs. I’m totally a wuss, I can’t like stomp on a cockroach, I kind of have to bat it out the door. Same with like big moths, I kind of wave stuff at it and ease it away rather than just smashing it like a normal virile male.

3. Public speaking. Any time I have to speak in front of more than like 5 people my knees start shaking and my voice starts quivering. It even happens to me in small group. Just not a public person.

2. My mom. Not afraid of my dad. Under the right circumstances, deathly afraid of my mom.

1. Kimchee.

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