Four Of My Favorite Items In The Room

Ruff. These are getting tedious. Plus I’m at my parents house, so this makes absolutely no sense. Oh well, love of the game. Boring.

4. The Jerusalem Bible. A particular translation of the Bible. It’s the version we used at my Catholic high school and I’m grateful for it because it introduced me to interpretations different from the traditional evangelical ones I had heard growing up – very eye opening. Like you should read how it translates the story of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers. Anyway, I still identify most closely with evangelical doctrine, but being introduced to different ideas (even different books that aren’t in Protestant Bibles) was a growing experience. Perspective is always good.

3. Family photos. My favorite is a large family portrait from high school where I’ve got rabbi glasses on, my sister has her eyes closed, and my dad is wearing a hideous tie. Why we chose to blow this picture up I have no clue.

2. Comic book collection. I just went through the closet and found it. I can’t believe my mom kept this. Anyway, I was into comics for a while when I was a kid, strictly a Marvel man. Started off with the G.I. Joe comics, then moved to X-Men, then a bunch of other ones. I used to draw comic book characters also, but I suck at drawing now. Wonder how much money I can get by selling it. Not much, probably.

1. Clarinet. Is it really a favorite item? No, but whatever. I played clarinet from 6th through 8th grade. I was fairly good, got to CMEA section, but stopped playing when I got to high school – Bellarmine at the time didn’t have much of a music program. Random fact – I never used a reed harder than a Van Doren 2 1/2.