I couldn’t tell the two actors in Shiri apart either. I got confused by Chow Yun Fat and another actor in Crouching Tiger also. All those Asians look the same to me.

I once met this Korean student who was saying how he had trouble looking Caucasians in the eye. Not blacks, just Caucasians. Reason being, he felt like he was looking at an animal, because of their eye colors. I thought that was fascinating.

Do animal species have differing eye colors also, like humans do?

You know, Lost is a fantastic series. Brings up a lot of interesting ideas. I was shocked a couple episodes back when they presented a non-negative portrayal of faith and prayer. Good quote also. “It’s a fine line between faith and denial. It’s better on my side.” I also like the tension between living on the beach where it’s unsafe but one can keep look out for help, or living in the caves where it’s safe but have resigned to living on the island. Interesting issues that are highly relevant to Christians about how much to orient one’s life to a future whose arrival time is unknown, and how much to resign one’s self to living in the present world.

The seemingly Christian answer is that we should completely live for heaven, as if tomorrow would never come, but that’s unrealistic. The Apostles took collections for the poor in anticipation that they will need to be taken care of tomorrow. It’s a balance. Anyway.