I’ve mentioned before how Oswald Chambers says about the boldest stuff ever. It’s either incredibly deep or heretical, there’s no middle ground. That’s how bold it is. Anyway, Pastor Jun quoted one such insanely bold statement in Sunday’s sermon (actually from tomorrow’s My Utmost entry): Beware of anything that competes with your loyalty to Jesus Christ. The

greatest competitor of true devotion to Jesus is the service we do for Him. It is easier to serve than to pour out our lives completely for Him. The goal of the call of God is His satisfaction, not simply that we should do something for Him. We are not sent to do battle for God, but to be used by God in His battles. Are we more devoted to service than we are to Jesus Christ Himself?

Bold bold bold. Is that really true? The greatest competitor of true devotion to Jesus is the service we do for him? Then John is totally screwed. I dunno, it’s something I’m still chewing over. One of my prayer requests in small group was more opportunities to serve, so it’s interesting timing.

We went to a wine tasting event on Saturday in Napa, featuring a bunch of wineries from Sonoma county. It was fun, but honestly, kind of wasted on me. My wine palate isn’t refined enough for me to appreciate it. I can vaguely tell what’s good and bad, but if I were to guess what was way expensive and what was cheap, I’d be totally off. And you know, I don’t really care about it enough to spend the money it would take to develop good wine taste. It’s just not worth it to me.

In many ways, good taste is not a blessing but a curse. It forces one to spend more time, energy, and resources to get the same satisfaction as someone with poor taste. Plus it makes you snobby. I kind of wish I could be satisfied by cheapo Miyake sushi but I just can’t, and that’s kind of too bad. So as long as I can be satisfied by Two Buck Chuck, I’ll take it.