I dunno if it’s my Asian church background or what, but I think I often fall into the fallacy that since the Bible says the Christian life necessarily involves hardship, that doing something hard is necessarily Christian. I guess I’ve been thinking about this in relation to serving. In some part of my mind, service is only real if it’s hard. And I’m not totally sure how true that is.

So like, I came to the realization that I enjoy putting away equipment after church. Seriously, it’s like no burden for me at all, something I don’t mind doing. But just because it’s not hard can’t mean it’s not service, right? Is it only service if it’s not easy for me to do? Like, I’m not particularly fond of doing hosty type things, like making and serving tea, cleaning up, all that stuff. Jieun is the opposite, loves playing host, isn’t particularly enthused about cleaning up equipment. It’s kind of nice that we’re complementary in that way.

So yeah, I don’t know if being a servant involves just serving in ways that you enjoy doing or are good at as much as possible, or if it necessarily requires you to things you might not like. I’m inclined to think the second is at least a part of it, because there will always be things that have to be done that no one likes doing. But is that just a masochistic view of the Christian life? I dunno. I guess the most important thing is just that we serve period. Anyway, something random (and boring) that’s been on my mind.

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