So married couples get into these… conversations… about how the other is spending “too much time” doing whatever activity. Here’s my bold claim about it. When the activity is something the other spouse doesn’t understand or just can’t get into, it doesn’t matter how little they do it, even that little bit will annoy the other and be considered “too much time” to a certain extent.

I’m basing this somewhat on observations of my parents over the break. My mom doesn’t like how my dad watches TV / movies on his day off. She thinks it’s a waste of time and would rather he not do it. He’s wasting too much time doing it. You have to understand how absurd this is. My dad works 6 (more like 6.5) days a week, gets up at 4:00 every day for prayer (our last night in Houston we barely got back from playing Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit before he got up), comes home at 8 or 9, pretty much is constantly doing church stuff the whole time with no sleep at all. He spending his lone free hours doing something relaxing “wasting time”? Absurd.

When it comes down to it, she just doesn’t enjoy movies or TV, so no matter how little my dad watches, it will annoy her and she’ll think he’s spending too much time doing it. I think I have this tendency also. I hate Friends, so even when Jieun watched for just like 30 minutes, I used to get annoyed. I think I’m getting more grace-filled about this though, right honey? I dunno, something I’m working on. Grace is a good thing.

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