So we went snowboarding this past weekend. Lee is pretty much the most encouraging snowboarding patner in the history of the universe. He cheered me every single freaking time I made a successful transition from heel edge to toe edge. Every freaking time. Kind of got ridiculous after a while, but yeah.

It’s my third time snowboarding and I suck, and my entire body is sore to boot. There are 2 reasons why I’m bad at it.

One is just a fundamental flaw with me in general. And that is, I’m not athletic at all. This is none of that false humility crap either, I am honestly and objectively just not athletic. I’d put myself in the bottom 5% of the general population, maybe lower. As a kid, I was not strong, not fast, and not flexible. Deadly combo. One of those boys who during the presidential fitness tests had to do the chin hang like the girls do instead of the chinups.

So anyway, anything that involves athleticism I have to work 4 times as hard as a normal person would. Like with lifting. I can lift a decent (not a lot) amount now, but it took me 4 times the effort it would have a normal person to get to this point. It’s like that with everything I do. So with snowboarding, I plan to get better at it, but given the nature of the body God’s given me, it will take me 4 times the effort.

The other reason is, so I’ve said this countless times, but I’m a super skinny guy. Less so now, but look at old pictures and you can see it. Anyway, I still have super skinny ankles and feet. And this is just a suspicion, but I think because I’ve that, I’ve never had ski boots or iceskates that totally fit. No matter how tight I make them, my feet still kind of shift around a bit. And that also makes it harder.

I wanna go again though, in a few weeks. Anyone up for a day trip?